Our service gives you the peace of mind

ihs Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Service is a complete exchange service utilizing neat free-standing units fully serviced by our Service Staff. Our service gives you the peace of mind that you are providing your visitors and employees with a safe, easy to use, and hygienic sanitary solution. The system is non-mechanical with nothing to break down or malfunction. The units are designed to fit inside toilet cubicle areas where they can be used with absolute discretion. A modesty flap in the top of the containers ensures the contents are not visible to the female users. Contents within the unit are treated via the use of our natural antimicrobial technology. The totally dry system has been specifically developed and its main active components are based on a unique blend of volatile, natural plant extracts that are active throughout the unit, controlling micro-organisms and suppressing odours at the source. As both a vapour and contact disinfectant, the unique blend is 100% environmentally friendly, ensuring total natural antimicrobial coverage throughout the duration of the service making it the most hygienic solution to help prevent the spread of germs.