Ihs Bio Urinal system is the only system in the washroom hygiene industry that successfully deals with the problems associated with urinals in male toilets.
The buildup of uric scale in pipes has always been an ongoing problem
for the industry.

Historically, companies have relied on chemicals (sanitisers) and harsh cleaning materials (deep treatments) in providing their services to clients. The materials used can be harmful to the client, their customers and staff, and in most cases prove to be ineffective in that they tackle the symptoms rather than the cause. In addition, they pollute our environment.

In Australia, ihs was the first company in the industry to introduce the use of live microbes to deal with the cause itself, offering our customers and prospects the opportunity to comply with their Duty of Care, fulfil their OH & S responsibilities, reduce pollution of our waterways and to Save Significant Amounts of Water.
Through the use of true Bio Technology ihs has developed a Bio Urinal Service and have the sole rights Australia wide. The service is not only extremely EFFECTIVE and ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly but can save you anywhere between 88 – 98% of the water you are currently flushing through your urinals whilst controlling washroom odours and uric scale build up. Our unique Bio Urinal Service is rapidly transforming thousands of washrooms across NSW and QLD.

The units are programmed, installed and serviced on a regular service cycle by our trained and qualified Service Technicians.

Key Benefits:
  • The most effective method of controlling washroom odours and uric scale build up
  • Biological control which, unlike harsh disinfectants and bleaches, is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Treats the cause and not the symptoms
  • Significant savings in water usage and subsequently a significant reduction in water bills
  • Further savings in maintenance and cleaning costs
  • The opportunity to contribute to the conservation of Australia’s precious water supplies