Unique and effective control of airborne bacteria

ihs WC Sanitiser provides unique and effective control of airborne bacteria. Airborne bacteria are due to the “sneeze effect” caused when the toilet is flushed. When flushing takes place, the water swirls around the system picking up any uric or faecal residue on the way. This untreated residue can contain bacteria which can be spread to people and bathroom surfaces.

The sanitisers are installed inside the cistern making it more effective in reducing the risk of cross infection from harmful bacteria by controlling bacteria growth. The surfactant agent in the sanitiser coats and protects the WC bowl helping in maintaining bright clean surfaces and reduces possibility of unsightly remains from sticking to bowls. The scale inhibitor helps prevent build-up in pipes reducing the possibility of blockages and malodours. The units are serviced by our Service Technicians on a regular service cycle.