Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Modern washroom maintenance revolves around a few basic structures and a few effective products and services that yield clean, sanitary washrooms with minimum of labour.

These strategies revolve around a simple scientific approach to daily maintenance. This hinges on simple maintained procedures performed with effective cleaning and disinfecting formulations.

This approach also raises the benefits that simple services carried out on a regular basis can save time, labour and money and illness together with greater satisfaction and assuredness on the part of the users.

The only solution is the Hygiene services provide by ihs.

A simple, yet scientific, complete range of services, which enhance and compliment “regular cleaning activities” normally carried out.

What better system could we have other than our WC Sanitiser Service, which cleans with every flush?

Add to this our Soap Dispensing units which are sealed to inhibit growth within the cartridge, with a simple one touch operation that has  a gentle cleanser containing a mild bacteristat and fragrance.

Finally add Automatic Air Fresh units ensuring the overall perception of cleanliness. Toilet Seat Sanitizers to help with those other contaminated surfaces and last but not least our Bactisan (Hand Sanitiser) Service.

We haven’t even touched on our unique Bio Urinal Service which eliminates the uric scale build up, blockages, malodours as well as providing significant water and cost savings.

There is a need and we have the solution!

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