What Is Hygiene?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, hygiene is “the principle of health” or “sanitary science”.

Let’s look at this in more detail.

What is it that IHS provides to its prospects and clients?

IHS provides simply yet scientific services which enhance and compliment “regular cleaning activities” normally carried out.

Why washroom hygiene?

Think about that, why washroom hygiene?

How many of you would say then, that this question is a very powerful one and is pivotal to our very existence? The question strikes at the very core of what we do as a Company doesn’t it?

Should we believe that it is really O.K. as long as the washroom smells and looks clean, that this will make everybody happy? Yes, that’s important. However, the issue goes much deeper.

At home, do any of us check that the bathroom is ship shape before friends arrive for dinner? Of course we do.

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