Odours In The Washroom

Odours in washrooms are a sure sign of sub-standard hygiene. The effects of washroom hygiene are psychological. A clean washroom makes a statement about how people care about things. Washroom hygiene not only effects visitors, but can also increase employee morale in the workplace, making people feel better about their workplace.

Surveys suggest that people’s prime desire is for washroom to be clean with odour-free being secondary and an accurate indicator to the former.

In the wake of the public’s concern about hygiene, resulting from increased media attention to the Aids virus, and the general lifting of the public awareness of various type of disease and germs, we have seen a trend toward no-touch equipment such as dryers, dispensers and fittings. Along with this has come a secondary trend towards fragrances which compliment perceived cleanliness from top to bottom.

If the occupants of your building find just one toilet unhygienic they may form negative opinions of the entire facility.

This same research suggests that people from all socio-economic sectors judge the status of an organisiation by its cleanliness.

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